Casual Business Meeting


Let us take a look at your books to make sure everything is recorded properly. We also provide tax planning services for business owners who need guidance on tax strategy. 

Monthly Tax Planning

This service is for the following type of business with one or more of the traits below:

  • Income fluctuates monthly

  • No seasonality with income and expenses

  • Business is a S-corp or Sole Proprietorship

  • Income exceeds $500,000 per year

  • Expenses are incurred before revenue is earned

  • Personal Tax situation is complex (multiple income sources)

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Hourly Consulting

Some business just need some guidance from a CPA. We offer hourly consulting services as well to answer some of pressing questions:

  • Recommendations for software to support your business

  • Understanding your financial statements

  • Questions around business structure and tax implications

  • Payroll questions

  • Any other questions that are unique to your business needs